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Romance Tour of Your Life:

The express route to an exotic engagement. A personal introduction to beautiful Latin women on your very own private Latin romance tour.

International Introductions will introduce most men to over 30 suitable Colombian women over the course of a three-day period scheduled for your convenience. A single man vacation romance tour designed for you to meet Colombian women.

The Latin women will have expressed a serious and sincere desire in meeting you. Just imagine having such a great selection of attentive, young, exotic Latin women vying for your personal attention!

Love Has No Borders

Colombian Women

This magnificent tropical paradise is the stage for your romance tour
with the Colombian bride of your future.

You will meet your personal selection of Colombian women in a series of small groups and/or individually throughout your stay. These exclusive gatherings are an excellent means for discovering a life partner who will have the qualities you seek in a wife. The intimate get-togethers allow for an open exchange that is fun and effective. With the aid of a female translator you will interact with one to several Latin women at a time over drinks and appetizers in an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and comfortable. All the introductions will take place at your lodging. You will not find a more enjoyable or efficient manner for finding the compatible traits, values and interests that you desire.

You will have a personal translator, for as many hours you need, each day who will handle your communication, coordinate your schedule and provide all the assistance you need.

As your liaison we will discretely find out where you stand with each of your Latin introductions. There will be no need to wonder if she likes you. You´ll know.

I will meet you the day of your arrival and provide guidance and support so that your personal romance tour is safe, exciting and fruitful. You will have 24-hour access to myself and our staff during your stay to satisfy any request you may have.

If you have a strong intention to find a Colombian bride, this is a quick and reliable way to meet attractive young Latin women who are also looking for a lifelong marriage commitment.

You will find that Latin American women do not think and behave like American women. There is no game playing. If the Latin woman believes you are a good man, it will be very normal for you to meet her family and have an engagement, if so desired, within a one or two week stay.

For those of you who are ready to meet the Latina with whom you have been corresponding, this program is good insurance that your romance trip will have a positive outcome.

Our focus is to help you find the right Latin woman. Your Latin romance tour will not be for touring the sights of the city. The sights of the city will be coming to you. Your visit will be exclusively orientated to meeting Colombian women and dating your preferences. We´re going to optimize your short stay here, so you can discover the love you came here for, an exotic Latin wife.

Latin  Romance Tour Introductions

Romance Tour Introductions

"Everything was great including the room - first class. Whatever you are paying (Translator), my advice is for you to double it. She is an outstanding lady in every respect."

"I had a wonderful time. The trip was extraordinary and my high expectations were surpassed by your attentive staff. I appreciate your helpful advice."

"A special thanks to (Translator one) and (Translator two). I´m sure you realize what skills they possess and how they must be an important asset to your business."

"Many thanks for ensuring that I had a REALLY great time in Barranquilla, Jamie. You run a very professional ‘customer-focused’ agency and I really liked everyone."

"I can´t imagine it getting any better than this!"

"I just returned from Barranquilla and I am happy to say that (My Future Colombian Bride) and I are formally engaged now. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME."

Colombian Women Romance Tour
Personal introductions to an unlimited number of exotic Colombian women. The average man will be around 30 women, a greater number of receptive and marriage-minded women than most men could meet in years.
An atmosphere and forum suited for exchanging relevant information for determining compatibility and attraction.
Complimentary soft drinks during your private gatherings.
Your own personal translator/assistant for 12 plus hours each day (you´re going to need every minute).
Airport pickup and return with your English-speaking escort and Latin introduction.
Three night´s accommodations in an elegant retreat with American expectations of hospitality and comfort.
A daily rate beyond three days (you´re going to want to stay over).
Arranged meal dates with your favorite selections of Colombian women.
24-hour access and guidance from me and our professional staff.
A complete packet outlining how best to prepare for your romantic bachelor tour (your guidelines for success).

And of course the exotic Latin bride of your dreams.


"I truly enjoyed my stay. I was very nervous at first, but your staff and your wife helped me relax."

"I met someone very special. We need to start working on the paperwork for her fiancé visa."

"Thank you for all your help and advice. I must say your translators were great but nothing beats that all-important one-to-one moments."

"I wanted to say I enjoyed my trip and already recommended it to a few of my friends. I knew long in advance that it was going to be enjoyable and you of course exceeded my expectations nonetheless."

"I would seriously not understate how overwhelmed the men will be when they get there. Wow! Everyone was very nice and professional. I will highly recommend your romance tour to my single friends. It was nothing like I expected. It was the best thing I ever did, especially since I found (My Future Latin Wife)."

"This was my first time using an introduction service and my expectations were far exceeded. The hardest task for me was narrowing the potential mates down to a manageable number and then choosing the woman I liked the most. Your professional staff helped me make the best use of my time during my short two week visit. My translator, tour guide was great. The accommodations were clean, comfortable, and relaxing. With the help of International Introductions, I accomplished what I set out to do. I met a beautiful, friendly, loving young Latin woman for whom I am returning to Barranquilla to visit and to meet her family. Time will tell. Thanks, Jamie"

"I had a blast in Barranquilla and would encourage others to do the same. Ive already been promoting your service to friends and family. Most guys dont understand the simplicity of the whole process. My cousin is afraid of getting kidnapped. But I explained to him and others that it is a painless and safe process to meet Colombian women and have fun!"

"I had a wonderful time in Barranquilla. You can use me as a referral for anyone interested in your services. I admire your professionalism and your attention to perfection. I will be coming back in May to visit (Latina)."

"I would like to thank you for making my trip a very memorable one. I had a wonderful time and I plan to be back in August."

We Make Happen What Can´t Happen Alone

One Happy Man... Many Hopeful Women

Though our private Latin Romance tour is officially just three days long, the normal stay is longer. After three days it is typical to have found a number of significant interest. We suggest you stay for at least another seven days to date and bond with your ultimate Latina discovery. Our rate for your remaining stay is $180 dollars per day for the finest accommodations (conveniently located with all the modern amenities), twelve or more daily hours of translation services per day and our continued supervision of your best interest. The Latin introductions don´t stop until you say stop.

The daily rate continues for this service for all future visits as long as you use our lodging for all following visits to Barranquilla and your last visit to Barranquilla is within one year of your last purchase of this service. This is good insurance that you will always have our growing database and coverage as a resource.

The Romance Tour Purchase must be prearranged and confirmed by email prior to the placement of an order. Please Contact Us first by phone or email for more exciting details before proceeding. Payment in full must be received at least five weeks prior to your arrival so we can begin the process of making the arrangements for your visit. After making your purchase email us your selections (the more the better) indicating your top 7-10 favorites or add your selections by going to the “Purchase Options” link on the bottom left of each woman´s profile below the woman´s photo and selecting “Romance Tour Selections’.

Complete the Questionnaire and email us good, current, clear photos. Look confident, smile and demonstrate your good nature. Look safe and reputable; the women do not need to see you in front of your gun collection or behind your bulldogs. Dress properly if your shirt is not on be at the beach or at the pool, not in your living room. Looking normal and stable is a good thing. Latin American women are not looking for extravagance or bizarreness they are looking for standard husband material. Email us an objective criteria for the type of woman you are looking for so that we can search for such women prior to your visit. This should include age range and if she can already have children. Each of your selections will see your photos and profile and you will only meet the ones that express an interest in meeting you.

For those wanting to extend their scheduled stay while in Colombia we can´t guarantee our availability to assist you on such short notice. If we are able to assist you the daily rate for your extended stay is $200. The extended per-day rate is $180 when you book and pay in advance.

Your translator/assistant will arrive and leave whenever you say without exception. For any activity that the translator accompanies you on, you will need to pay her way. For example, if you are going to an event with a cover charge then you will also have to cover the translator´s entrance. If you are going to a restaurant, you will have to cover her. The translator will use discretion in their meal selection and provide you with a list of restaurants and price ranges to choice from. You are responsible for the translator and your introductions and date´s transportation.

All orders are non-refundable. However, you may reschedule up to two weeks prior to your visit. The rescheduled date must be within six months of your order date. Notification must be sent and acknowledged by email. If you must reschedule within two weeks of your arrival there will be a penalty fee for unused lodging at $100 per night.

After your order is placed we will supply you with everything you will need to prepare yourself for your exciting rendezvous.

You will need a Passport to visit South America. You will want to arrange a flight directly into Barranquilla, Colombia and avoid, if possible, flying into Bogotá, the capital to avoid delays.

Discover The Love You Deserve

"I just wanted to let you know that things are going great!!!!! We are in love!! Thank you so much from (My Future Colombian Bride) and me. We want to get married!! She is sooo sweet and sincere… I can´t thank you enough!!! If you know anyone that can help with a visa to get her here let me know!! Say hello to your wife for me and thank her for me also."

"The trip was great. I had a great time and will recommend your introduction service to lots of friends. While I was there I met lots of great girls. I especially liked (Latina)."

"Thanks for the nice week down in Colombia. Ill admit I had my doubts. But then I met (Latin Woman) and the doubts were erased."


"Please tell everyone that I had the most wonderful vacation of my life!"

"I had a great time on the trip and everything´s going good with me and (My Future Colombian Bride). She is a really great girl so I´m really grateful to the marriage agency for all your help and for introducing us."

"I was very impressed by your willingness to accommodate my last-minute trip delay. It speaks volumes about the nature of your company."

"My expectations were, by far, exceeded. You have a wonderful company and a lovely house."

"Once again I want to thank you and your staff for such a great time and the incredible service you provided."

"I wanted to thank you so very much for your romance tour. We have both met the girls of our dreams and gotten engaged. We´re both very happy. We would recommend your introduction service to anyone that is serious about finding a soul mate. By the way, your office staff and interpreters are the best and we love them all."

"I was really impressed by your marriage agency and all the help you provided."

"(My Future Latina Bride) was granted her visa today at the embassy in Bogotá! She will get the visa from the consulate in Barranquilla next week. I´m flying to Barranquilla on the 29th and we´re returning to Miami on the 30th. Thanks for making this marriage possible."

"First of all I don´t think I adequately thanked you for your almost-instantaneous response to the medical problem I experienced while in Barranquilla in June. You were there almost immediately to take charge of the situation. Thanks again for your prompt attention to my physical well being. Thanks to your help I was able to continue with the scheduled introductions for the evening with almost no interruption."

"You have a good team and well- structured ideas that will bring marriage and happiness to many people."

"(Translator one) and (Translator two) did just great. Whatever you´re paying them is not enough!"

"(Translator one) was amazing!! She went above and beyond the call to make sure that I was enjoying myself, things were getting done, and I was doing all the little right things. (Translator two) was also helpful whenever we ran into her and also at the personal introductions."

"I was impressed by everyone in your marrage agency and really appreciated everyone´s help."

"Hey Jamie, just a quick note to say, "Thanks" to you and your staff for everything. I really enjoyed my time at your marriage agency and the service I received. (Translator) was an excellent assistant and I could not have done this without her."

Referrals available from Australia, Canada, Europe & United States

"I enjoyed meeting you, your wife, and your great staff. I would like to say thank you very much for all of the service I received."

"Just a word of thanks for ensuring a successful trip to Barranquilla. I came away truly impressed by your firm and its professional staff."

"I just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience in Colombia. Most of the girls were great and it was hard to choose one! Anyway, I did choose (Latin Woman)."

"I think I could marry any of these three Latin ladies. Thank you for your wonderful introduction service."

"I appreciate all the advice you gave me on the girls. I do hope to find my wife and I know that your company is a great investment in doing that. I had one of the best times of my life too."

Experience the Latin Woman

Is Colombia Safe For a Romance Tour?
What the Colombian Mail Order Bride Agencies Will Tell You
Not True
“Not anymore dangerous than any other major city in the United States.”
“As far as Colombia is concerned, don´t believe everything you see and hear in the press.”
“There are places much more dangerous than Colombia.”
"Colombia is extremely safe and don´t let the media fool you, because you´ll end up the lonely fool."
“Cities in South America are not more dangerous than cities of comparable size in the United States.”
“The media has taken things out of proportion like they always do.”
“Don´t believe everything you see or hear on television or radio because those are government regulated businesses and they give out very mis-leading information regarding foreign affairs and information”
“People are scared to go to the USA as well. The media loves to dramatize issues to sell news.”
“Not so dangerous as written in the foreign press (we would not stay here otherwise).”
What My Experience Living in Colombia Will Tell You
Latin bride
The Scoop
As if they had anywhere else to go. By “foreign press” they must mean the good old U.S.A., in which case I recommend that they not read the Colombian newspapers where the stories of killings and kidnappings are more frequent. Colombia is no walk in the park and it is misleading for the Colombian mail order bride agencies to tell you otherwise. What you should know is that most of the killings are related to drugs and politics and occur primarily well outside of the cities. And while bystanders occasionally get killed, there´s no direct threat to Americans (over 50,000 Americans live in Colombia). Colombia does have a criminal element, but we can assure you that your preservation goes hand in hand with ours. We stay in safe zones, and with experienced local guidance, so will you. You will lodge with the elite and receive the equivalent premium protection. I will be there to look after your comfort and security. We know all the precautions to make your singles romance tour safe, enjoyable, memorable, and rewarding. Please contact us for more details on the safeguards we provide during your private bachelor tour. For more information about traveling to Colombia, click on the following link: Colombia and South America.

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